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Pastor Roger’s Corner

Hello and welcome to  Pastor Roger’s Corner.  I thank you for taking the time look at BBC’s website.  Berean is an independent, fundamental, church seeking to live for the praise of His glory.  We are a Word-centered ministry dedicated to the expository preaching of the Word.   

The format of this section will be varied.  At times there will be just general articles and sometimes there will be book reviews of periodicals that relate to all walks of the Christian life.  We hope that this section will both be informative as well as edifying.  I will also endeavor to have the outline for the following Sunday’s morning message.  Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns, or prayer requests that you have.   The Lord willing, we will see you here at BBC! 



 Thank you all for your patience in waiting for another installment of this column.  I did not realize fully how much time it would take to give you information through this site before I actually preached it.  I am glad for this learning process, because I am actually learning more than I would have otherwise.  I was reminded of that fact that even though we all always so much to do that God gives us the grace to live abundantly.  Listen to Spurgeon: 

Think how much grace one saint requires, so much that nothing but the Infinite could supply him for one day; and yet the Lord spreads His table, not for one, but for many years; not for many years only, but for generation after generation…no child of God is ever served with scraps and leavings; like Mephibosheth, they all [are] satisfied, nay more 'abundantly satisfied (Morning and Evening March 12 a.m.). 

This is a great reminder to all of us.  No matter what we need, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically God will and is supplying!   

            Dynamite Kids Club (DKC) is off to a great start because of all of your efforts.  Let's step up our prayer support so that through this program the Lord will save these children.  We need grace for this activity just as we do for any other activity in our lives. 

Sunday we are continuing our new series on outreach.  Remember, that our primary goal, whether it be DKC, talking to our co-workers, neighbors, friends, or relatives that we are doing all we do for the glory of God.  We must also remember that God is glorified when His Gospel is given.  This week, we will be studying the great commission from Matthew 28:18-20 and see if we are doing what Christ has commanded us to do.  This whole series is becoming a really exciting series for me and I pray that it will be the same for you!  Until next time!


In Christ,

Pastor Roger

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